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2020-02-01 / Life / Earth
After getting to the Kruger Park and immediately were confronted with a large group of elephants, just by the side of the road, in a dried river bed. We knew then, that we would see lots and lots of animals, during our time in the park. Spectacular! Of course we wanted to see the big five, but we had to wait and see if we were that lucky. But what we never expected, was that we would get so close to these wild animals.
2019-11-07 / Life / Earth
Never expected this, and South Africa was for sure not on top of my list for a holiday, but it has been spectacular! The birthday of a friend brought us to Kruger Park, and we truly enjoyed it. When driving into the park, and you are almost immediately confronted with about fifteen elephants… What else would we then see, in the week ahead? Well, it turned out we saw many, many more animals, and had such a great time with friends we had not seen in a while - totally worth the trip!
2018-08-26 / Earth
2018-08-14 / Earth
Reading about the many wild fires currently raging through California, makes me think back to the time we visited BC, Canada (twice). The first time we were confronted with the wild fires, and had to change our travel planes because of fires burning down the town of Barriere, and the second time, because we were confronted with the many burnt trees during a number of our hikes… terrible to see… On the other hand, we also saw that underneath the dead trees, new live emerged, so from something bad, something good can come…
2018-04-28 / Earth / Water
A number of years ago, a wonderful weekend on Capri, Italy… Walking around the island, ending up at the harbour. The weather was warm and sunny, we ate at wonderful restaurants, great food, and wines… Amazed at the size of the many yachts in the harbour and around the island… And then what looked like a mafia wedding, with a large number of men, dressed in black, with sunglasses and earpieces… What a wonderful but also strand weekend it was…
2017-12-03 / Life / Earth
Last full moon of 2017 - Shot inbetween the clouds and showers… The atmosphere was not completely clear, so this is the best we could do tonight…
2017-06-24 / Earth
2017-04-12 / Earth
This past weekend we had a wonderful weekend in Wissenkerke in Zeeland. With friends and family, we enjoyed the warm and wonderful weather, and the pictoresque villages. Sunny days end in beautiful sunsets - near the small beaches in Wissenkerke, with in the background the Oosterschelde Stormsurge Barrier.
2016-12-04 / Earth
Photo shot a couple of years ago, when we traveled to the distant lands of Middle Earth… What is missing is the Barad-Dur Tower and Mount Doom… Haha… Just kidding… after a nice day in the Norwegian area of Utladalen, west of Lillehammer, towards the mountains and fjords, we enjoyed this beautiful sunset. After processing the photo, just a little, this reminded me of the images of Mordor in the Lord of the Rings movies.
2016-05-08 / Earth / Life
Instead of going to a zoo, we decided last Thursday to go to the Oostvaardersplassen, a relatively new national park, that is known for the movie “The New Wilderness”. We had not yet been there, so we were not sure what to expect, but since we had seen parts of the movie, we were hoping to see some wildlife. We got to the North entrance to the park with a bit of a detour, but the weather was great and the coffee with apple pie was good, so we were ready for a hike.
2016-03-06 / Earth
It is always great to be back at Texel, especially off-season, when there are no tourists. While hiking on the beach on Texel a couple of months ago. Beautiful dramatic skies, with the sun poking through… (1/1000s, f/13, 20mm, ISO: 200)