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2021-04-20 / Life / Water
After we moved to the east of the country, we are very much getting used to the quiet and wide country side. With everything that comes with it: farmers busy on their land, deer running around the house, nice walks in the forrest across the road, etc. And then all of a sudden, our neighbour tells us a pair of flamingos have been spotted in a local area, where farmland was converted to a nature area.
2021-02-14 / Urban / Water
After many years, we finally had some real winter again. With a week of a strong northeastern wind, resulting in some serious freezing, and some 15-20cm of snow, it was really cold. Even during the day temperatures were well below zero. All resulted in “Elfstedentocht fever” again, but with Covid still running wild, our government rightfully so decided that it was irresponsible to organize it - even though it was almost 25 years since the last race.
2018-04-28 / Earth / Water
A number of years ago, a wonderful weekend on Capri, Italy… Walking around the island, ending up at the harbour. The weather was warm and sunny, we ate at wonderful restaurants, great food, and wines… Amazed at the size of the many yachts in the harbour and around the island… And then what looked like a mafia wedding, with a large number of men, dressed in black, with sunglasses and earpieces… What a wonderful but also strand weekend it was…
2018-01-30 / Urban / Water
Last spring we spend a long weekend in Zeeland, on the southwest coast. Beautiful weather, all weekend, and we had lots of fun with friends and family. Of course we had to show our friends from abroad the Delta Works, and the longest bridge in the Netherlands, the Zeeland Bridge.
2016-10-01 / Water
During our visit to the US we stopped for a long weekend near Chautauqua Lake. About 30km long and 3km wide, this beautiful lake in the Western tip of New York state, is a great spot to spend a couple of days. Rent a boot and spend a day on the water, enjoying the great foods from the area, and wonderful views. After another warm and sunny day we sat along the waterfront after dinner, and just watched the sky change its colour, while the sun was setting.