Last week we attended the CD presentation of Yiannis Giagourtas at Max Guitar store in Scheveningen Harbour. Yiannis is a classical guitar player, and played a number of songs from his debut CD. The was a large crowd that showed up, and additional chairs needed to be brought in to provide everyone a seat.

The shop was packed with guitars - most electric guitars, but also acoustic ones, and all sorts of equipment like amplifiers and such. I do not know much about guitars, but I got the impression that these guys do! Great shop!

Guitars everywhereAt Guitar Max, Scheveningen

Anyway, we were there to listen to Yiannis' debut solo album Guitar Echoes. He played a number of tracks and it was very interesting to hear some pieces which were originally written for other instruments, played on a guitar. Wonderful stuff! 

Yiannis GiagourtasGuitar Echoes CD presentation