2016-10-28 / Urban
Chautauqua Institute is a small village on the west side of Chautauqua Lake. It started as an educational center, founded in the 1870’s. Every summer you can attend courses in the arts, music, religion, and other general topics. You can access the grounds and use the public beaches and parks. These days many of the houses were privately owned and lots of them were for sale. I would not want to live there with many tourists walking around all summer…
2016-10-16 / Urban
Driving North from Chautauqua Lake, we headed for Westfield, a small little town just next to Lake Erie - we had read that there would be a large farmers and artisan market. So after a little drive on the 394, we ended up in downtown Westfield - it was not that large a city, so we could not miss it. Next to the band stand, close to the church, we found about 15 small stalls with fruits, local wines, Amish cookies and pies, jewellery, etc.
2016-10-09 / Urban
While staying on Cape Cod, our friend T. took us all the way to the tip of the Cape, to Provincetown, or P-town, as it is also called by locals. A town known for its beaches, harbour and artists, but it looked like everything was happening just along one long street with loads of shops, restaurants and bars, where you could get anything from souvenirs, paintings, jewellery, antiques, hand-painted clothes, great fruity smoothies(!
2016-10-01 / Water
During our visit to the US we stopped for a long weekend near Chautauqua Lake. About 30km long and 3km wide, this beautiful lake in the Western tip of New York state, is a great spot to spend a couple of days. Rent a boot and spend a day on the water, enjoying the great foods from the area, and wonderful views. After another warm and sunny day we sat along the waterfront after dinner, and just watched the sky change its colour, while the sun was setting.
2016-05-08 / Earth / Life
Instead of going to a zoo, we decided last Thursday to go to the Oostvaardersplassen, a relatively new national park, that is known for the movie “The New Wilderness”. We had not yet been there, so we were not sure what to expect, but since we had seen parts of the movie, we were hoping to see some wildlife. We got to the North entrance to the park with a bit of a detour, but the weather was great and the coffee with apple pie was good, so we were ready for a hike.