2016-04-15 / Urban
Another city trip… This time, accompanying AM for a conference in Valencia. T. and D. joined us as well, so while the girls are attending the conference, we get to hike around the city. And what a great city it is! Old architecture and very new architecture nicely mixed. Good food, wines, and of course very nice weather - just one day with clouds and some rain. So there was plenty of time to fully explore the city.
2016-03-18 / Urban
Back in 2012 we traveled down-under. Sydney is such a great city, we felt right at home there… Friendly people, good restaurants, and an evening at the local comedy club I will never forget - so much fun. We spent some time in the city and afterwards drove towards the Blue Mountains, for some great hikes, and then along the coast up North, and back through other parts of New South Wales.
2016-03-06 / Earth
It is always great to be back at Texel, especially off-season, when there are no tourists. While hiking on the beach on Texel a couple of months ago. Beautiful dramatic skies, with the sun poking through… (1/1000s, f/13, 20mm, ISO: 200)