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2019-08-27 / / Life
On a break in the Eastern part of the country, on the edge of the park we were staying in, it was a frenzy with birds. Great and blue tits all over the place… And the party got even bigger when we bought some food for them - there were more tits and woodpeckers than I had seen in a while. Just a joy to sit there and watch them!
2017-07-24 / / Life
You do not need to go far away, to have a nice holiday. Although in our country you can never be sure about the weather, especially in summer, it can still be warm enough to go out sightseeing and have a great time. This week, lots of rain was predicted, but so far we have only seen some showers. Skies were spectacular though! Even the cows think so! #4747 (1/160s, f/11, 24mm, ISO: 100)