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2019-04-15 / / Urban
Watching the news… It is shocking to see such a magnificent structure in Paris, being slowly eaten by fire… The Paris fire department is powerless to do anything, and can only try to control the fire, and limit the damage. So sad. Last time we visited Paris was in April 2011 - eight years and a week ago… Walking around the centre of Paris, all this history… Another huge blow for Paris and the French to deal with.
2018-08-21 / / Urban
This past weekend giants were roaming Leeuwarden, in the north… A dog of 3 meters, a little girl of over 5 meters, and a diver of 11 meters tall… As a project of Jean-Luc Courcoult, the Giants of Royal de Luxe are a spectacular show, this time visiting the Netherlands. Very impressive to see how the volunteers were making these giants move through the streets… The diver (1/250s, f/3.
2016-04-24 / / Urban
I have been playing a bit with some more photo’s from Valencia, especially from the area around the Hemisferic and Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía. I went there twice, one time during an afternoon, with a little overcast, and the next day at the end of the afternoon until sunset… With every minute passing, the light changed and the views became more interesting. And it was also interesting to see, that the longer I waited the less tourists were there, and only the photographers remained :-).
2016-04-15 / / Urban
Another city trip… This time, accompanying AM for a conference in Valencia. T. and D. joined us as well, so while the girls are attending the conference, we get to hike around the city. And what a great city it is! Old architecture and very new architecture nicely mixed. Good food, wines, and of course very nice weather - just one day with clouds and some rain. So there was plenty of time to fully explore the city.