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2019-04-15 / / Urban
Watching the news… It is shocking to see such a magnificent structure in Paris, being slowly eaten by fire… The Paris fire department is powerless to do anything, and can only try to control the fire, and limit the damage. So sad. Last time we visited Paris was in April 2011 - eight years and a week ago… Walking around the centre of Paris, all this history… Another huge blow for Paris and the French to deal with.
2017-10-13 / / Life
A number of weeks ago we were at the Open-Air Museum near Arnhem. It has been decades since I was there - I can remember it having just a few of old farm houses, an old mill, and cottages. But these days, it was a lot larger, with more mills, and many more old houses, in the large open-air museum park. It shows how the Dutch used to live in the past, and it was nice to see that many of the staff of the park were actively playing their roll, of miller, post man, blacksmith, etc.