2019-04-15 / Life
Yet again happy news in our family. D. and T. were born in the very early hours of January 18. Welcome, little ones!! Congratulations to mommy S. and daddy W.
2018-10-15 / Life
2018-08-26 / Earth
2018-08-21 / Urban
This past weekend giants were roaming Leeuwarden, in the north… A dog of 3 meters, a little girl of over 5 meters, and a diver of 11 meters tall… As a project of Jean-Luc Courcoult, the Giants of Royal de Luxe are a spectacular show, this time visiting the Netherlands. Very impressive to see how the volunteers were making these giants move through the streets… The diver (1/250s, f/3.
2018-08-14 / Earth
Reading about the many wild fires currently raging through California, makes me think back to the time we visited BC, Canada (twice). The first time we were confronted with the wild fires, and had to change our travel planes because of fires burning down the town of Barriere, and the second time, because we were confronted with the many burnt trees during a number of our hikes… terrible to see… On the other hand, we also saw that underneath the dead trees, new live emerged, so from something bad, something good can come…