Wedding L. and L.

Congratulations to L. and L. on their wedding, on September 7. more

B&W Osooyos, BC, Canada



This past weekend giants were roaming Leeuwarden, in the north... A dog of 3 meters, a little girl of over 5 meters, and a diver of 11 meters tall... As a proje… more

Wild fires...

Reading about the many wild fires currently raging through California, makes me think back to the time we visited BC, Canada (twice). The first time we were con… more


Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Things living, or worth living for... Animals, flowers, plants, people...


Landscapes, sight-seeing, vista's... Shots of landscapes, and beautiful other sights


Cityscapes, architecture, human interaction with its environment, and what not...