2020-05-30 / Urban
Seeing the riots in Minneapolis on the news, makes me sad. I have been to Minneapolis more than a dozen times, have great memories of being there, and have friends there. People in Minneapolis are friendly, helpful, and definitely not the people I see on the news today, throwing bricks at police stations, and looting shops. I understand people are angry, but why start destroying public properties? Our friends tell us, they have seen many more cars with WI-license plates in the neighbourhood… they live close to the epicentre of the riots.
2020-02-01 / Life / Earth
After getting to the Kruger Park and immediately were confronted with a large group of elephants, just by the side of the road, in a dried river bed. We knew then, that we would see lots and lots of animals, during our time in the park. Spectacular! Of course we wanted to see the big five, but we had to wait and see if we were that lucky. But what we never expected, was that we would get so close to these wild animals.
2019-11-07 / Life / Earth
Never expected this, and South Africa was for sure not on top of my list for a holiday, but it has been spectacular! The birthday of a friend brought us to Kruger Park, and we truly enjoyed it. When driving into the park, and you are almost immediately confronted with about fifteen elephants… What else would we then see, in the week ahead? Well, it turned out we saw many, many more animals, and had such a great time with friends we had not seen in a while - totally worth the trip!
2019-08-27 / Life
On a break in the Eastern part of the country, on the edge of the park we were staying in, it was a frenzy with birds. Great and blue tits all over the place… And the party got even bigger when we bought some food for them - there were more tits and woodpeckers than I had seen in a while. Just a joy to sit there and watch them!
2019-04-15 / Urban
Watching the news… It is shocking to see such a magnificent structure in Paris, being slowly eaten by fire… The Paris fire department is powerless to do anything, and can only try to control the fire, and limit the damage. So sad. Last time we visited Paris was in April 2011 - eight years and a week ago… Walking around the centre of Paris, all this history… Another huge blow for Paris and the French to deal with.