Instead of going to a zoo, we decided last Thursday to go to the Oostvaardersplassen, a relatively new national park, that is known for the movie “The New Wilderness”. We had not yet been there, so we were not sure what to expect, but since we had seen parts of the movie, we were hoping to see some wildlife.

We got to the North entrance to the park with a bit of a detour, but the weather was great and the coffee with apple pie was good, so we were ready for a hike. Knowing that we might stop left and right to take some pictures, we went for the 5.2k hike – the longest we could find here. There supposed to be longer hikes, but we perhaps have to come back some day, and take one of the other entry points to the park.

There were plenty of wild horses there, and from one of the view points we saw thousands of geese and plenty of other birds – we even spotted a fox trying not to get its feet wet… Not sure why all these dead trees were left there, though…

Wild horses

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