Driving North from Chautauqua Lake, we headed for Westfield, a small little town just next to Lake Erie – we had read that there would be a large farmers and artisan market.

So after a little drive on the 394, we ended up in downtown Westfield – it was not that large a city, so we could not miss it. Next to the band stand, close to the church, we found about 15 small stalls with fruits, local wines, Amish cookies and pies, jewellery, etc. Perhaps for Westfield this was a large market… But, it was nice, we bought fruits and some souvenirs for the girls, and enjoyed the music from the one guy in the band stand, playing the blues. He was good though!!

After T. was done petting the Amish horses, we got back to the car, and found a little local restaurant that was open, and got ourselves some lunch. Good food and coffee for small prices – excellent!

So close to Lake Erie, but we did not get to see it… Perhaps another time…

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