2017-12-03 / Life / Earth
Last full moon of 2017 - Shot inbetween the clouds and showers… The atmosphere was not completely clear, so this is the best we could do tonight…
2017-10-13 / Life
A number of weeks ago we were at the Open-Air Museum near Arnhem. It has been decades since I was there - I can remember it having just a few of old farm houses, an old mill, and cottages. But these days, it was a lot larger, with more mills, and many more old houses, in the large open-air museum park. It shows how the Dutch used to live in the past, and it was nice to see that many of the staff of the park were actively playing their roll, of miller, post man, blacksmith, etc.
2017-10-13 / Urban
Short trip to Rotterdam today, and a walk to the (recent, 2014) new Market Hall. The building covers a large number of stalls with all sorts of great food, restaurants and office buildings and appartments. From the outside it looks like a captiral U upside down, and does not look that spectacular. But if you are not there for some shopping, or some food, you must take a look at the inside: it has a large beautiful artwork by Arno Coenen, called ‘Horn of Plenty’ printed on the aluminum panels that make up the inside of the hall.
2017-08-18 / Life
In the Eastern part of the Netherlands farmers have special borders around their corn fields with a wide variety of wild flowers. Amazing how many different flowers are growing here, and the amount of insects are attracted to them. This is cropped from a larger image.
2017-07-29 / Life
October 2010, New York. After a visit at the New York Cord Blood Bank, we had diner with Jon and Pablo. Both well over their age of retirement, it was amazing to hear them asking questions, and looking for answers, talking about research proposals and making plans, as if they had a whole career ahead of them. His drive to continue asking questions was amazing. Last week Prof. dr. Jon J.